Beef is Sweet

Beef By-Products Found in Sweets

Beef provides us with many nutrients  to to help keep our bodies healthy.  It provides us with protein, iron, zinc, and B-12 just to mention a few.  Every part of the beef animal is used for all types of products. Delicious meat,  medicines, cosmetics, clothing items, tires , materials used for road construction and even sweets can be made using by products provided by a beef animal.  Jellybeans, marshmallows, Life Savers, chewing gum, Fruit Roll Up’s,  Tootsie Pops, Toaster Tarts, Milky Ways, and boxed cake mixes all are made with beef by-products.  Let us show you how Sweet Beef is with our 30 minute presentation.

Grades : PreK- 5th Grade (30 Minutes)

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